Shakira was the star guest at the 2014 Echo Awards

What's the viewership of the 'Echo Awards'? Going through this suffering must be 'cause of the millions and millions of Germans that watch this show each year, right? 
Shakira was the star guest at the '2014 Echo Awards' (music awards) held in Berlin, Germany on Thursday, March 27th. There, the Colombian blonde performed for the first time on television her hit single "Can't Remember To Forget You". Evidently, Rihanna was nowhere to be found in this performance as she preferred to stay in London (last spotted there...) 'canoodling' with Drake.
There was some many wrong things about Shak's "Can't Remember To Forget You" performance at the 'Echo Awards', although we'll just highlight three. 1). Why did she lip-synch? We know Shakira sings well, so why the use of playback?. 2). Whoever was in charge of 'cameras' at the awards needs to be fired ASAP, and 3). OMG, 'Echo Awards' have the most dead, boring crowd I have ever seen in my entire life.

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